The photo below is not classic in a Sports Illustrated sort of way.  It does not meet the the sports editors rules of seeing the face, both eyes and the ball in order to make the cover.  While that is what Sports Editors want, I think they miss out on a lot of great action shots.

While Sports Editors may have one criteria, I believe Sports Fans have another.  While it may fly in the face of conventional wisdom, when it comes to professional photography, and let’s make it clear, I do not consider myself a professional, I shoot the action.  I follow the ball and, because I have played the sport, I know the action will follow.

In the photo below, you would never know the play ended in the runner being called out.  But, I heard the umpire tell the coach, the 1st baseman tagged the runner’s forearm before his hand reached the base.  Look at the photo.  What’s your call?  Remember the umpire is behind the pitcher’s mound (shown in top of the photo) and the glove of the 1st baseman would likely obscure “blues” line of sight to the runner’s forearm and and especially the hand as it approached the bag.

Let’s be clear.  For the most part umpires, in all sports, do a great job in officiating over their events.  And umpires are human, they make mistakes…nobody’s perfect. But, in this case, I wished he could have seen the play from my vantage point.

Credit, Lyon College, 1st Baseman, #10 Bryan Lynn with selling the tag and Spring Hill College Badger, #6 Brian Sims for the hustle.

In my opinion, my call from 10 feet away and through the eyes of the camera…Safe!