The Old Depot

The Old Depot

While visiting with family for Christmas, I decided to go downtown and take a few shots of the old Train Depot. The Depot that served the town over the years is still standing. The trains don’t stop here any more, and even the mail bags that used to be put out on poles has long ended. Now this old historic building has become the offices for the local Chamber of Commerce.

I took this photo late at night when the traffic in this small town was down to a trickle. As I looked at what I really wanted to capture, the thing that caught my eye was the lights coming through a window. Although they don’t show, the lights were from the Christmas tree. Amazing in that the light I saw was from lights celebrating the “Light of the World”.

I love old buildings. I stood there wondering how may Christmases the old station had seen. How my people said goodbye…never to return, or those who were welcomed home by family and friends from wars of days gone by.

While we all grow old and times will surely change, there is one thing that will always remain constant. God’s love for us.

As you look around your world, take the time to really look at what is in front of you. It just might amaze you…just like it did me with the old Depot.